Green Miner is the World’s leading diversified Blockchain Company. We encompass multiple aspects of the Blockchain industry including providing cloud hosting, colocation services and management and monitoring through our proprietary Green Miner Colony Platform. We also provide consulting services and supply crypto mining equipment.



Green Miner Mission and Vision is to create a strategic consolidation in the Cryptocurrency space where Green Miner can provide small, medium and large clients the next generation Cryptocurrency products and services.


"Green Miner Project" is a 200 MW crypto mining project spanning 2 provinces, Ontario and Alberta in Canada, Our projected expansion capacity is estimated at 1500 MW within the next 12 months. The facilities are powered by a combination of hydro-electric energy as well as Natural Gas which represents some of the lowest power consumption rates in the World as low as USD $0.02 per 1KWH.
Square feet
240 000

Our Competitive Advantage

When we are connected to the source, we sure will not be afraid of any task set before all of us.


Physical security fencing, camera monitoring, the highest level of cyber security and onsite guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


99.9% uptime guarantee on power supplies, climate control, and data access. Our clients are compensated for any downtime.


Our energy efficient mining facilities and suite of technologies offer our clients an exclusive edge and extremely competitive pricing.


We have the resources and support to scale to virtually any capacity. Our projected growth for the next 12 months is a combined total above 1.5 GW of Power between all our facilities.


Our team is comprised of seasoned enterprise professionals and experienced project managers that provide timely and professional results. Green Miner crypto mining hosting services will make your mining deployment efficiently, quick and easy

Modular Mining Facility

Green Miner Inc. is the only full-featured mining facility that can grow as you grow, with access to practically unlimited resources, space and electric power, you can grow your business without delays and hindrance.

Fast Deployment

Increasing Mining capacity can easily and quickly be achieved. We can scale up power and space capacity within days based on each project. We can add modular mobile Generator sets and data containers as you need them.


Our unified Cryptocurrency mining platform enables our team to manage, control and monitor our facilities. It enables quick deployments of different types of mining algorithms with ease.

Green Miner ASIC

Coming soon...

The Opportunity


Canada is the 3rd best country in both the G7 and the G20 for doing business over the next five years, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).


The Canadian government is stable, the cost of electricity is very affordable and the country has very cold weather for most of the year.

Long Term

Canada understands the importance of its business community and has created an environment to encourage its success.


CryptoCurrency Mining in Canada: Cryptocurrency mining is legal in Canada and has gained substantial support from the Provincial & Federal Governments.

Our team

David RegoCEO & FounderDave is a passionate entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience assembling cross-functional teams of subject matter experts and delivering results.
Byron NelsonCOBD & Co-FounderByron is a phenomenal speaker, experienced business executive, and clinical strategist. He is an established entrepreneur with a proven track record of success.
Jessica WangCFO & Co-FounderJessica is fluent in English and Mandarin and has been a passionate entrepreneur and liaison for business negotiations between Canada and China.

George PlytasVP of Cyber Security & ComplianceGeorge specializes in Cyber Security and helps organizations build their Information Security program and lead compliance efforts, primarily relating to PCI-DSS, including corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance.
Miguel DiasSenior EngineerMiguel is a senior engineer with a vast experience in project managment and security strategy consultant. Established liaison for Europe.
Chris SourtzisMaster Electrician25 Years experience providing electrical services to large commercial and industrial projects, he is a certified master electrician and is responsible for industry standard build-out and preparation for our facilities.